Top 10 Wedding Photos of 2016

Time to reflect on the best moments from the year. Here's some of my favorite weddings, pictures, and the stories behind them :)


Amanda and Lee take everything about Philly that I love and put it into one picture. The architecture, feeling, emotions, colors, and symmetry. Something about this shot just makes you feel warm and at ease, even with the contrasting blue tone. This was a mixture of Greek Orthodox and American Wedding for one of my favorite days of the year. It started off with some amazing shots with Lee and his old Jaguar car. Amanda stayed right by my favorite spots in Philly, Independence Park, so we could spend the time after the ceremony in the park by their venue and have a great time getting some lovely shots. The rest of the day was filled with dancing and traditional Greek dancing for most of the night!
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Venue: The Downtown Club


I'm thankful for all the Bride's and Groom's who trust me enough to put their lives in my hands haha. Maria and Lou were brave enough to step onto a not so easy ledge to navigate to help me fulfill this amazing shot I had envisioned. They were so much fun, and once again, one of my favorite weddings of the year. Everything was over the top, classy, and elegant, so I wanted to capture that in their portraits. They also had a unlimited supply of energy, which made the rest of the night at the Curtis Center a night to remember! Live bands, impromptu performances, the best food and more than everyone could eat, and colors and laughter everywhere.
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Venue: Atrium at Curtis Center


Heather and Alison are just about the most likeable, down to earth couple you'll meet. My favorite bride + bride wedding of the year consisted of a mixture of tears, laughter, craziness, and romance. Dancing featured a guest appearance of a full Betty White cutout. I highly recommend checking out more of their shots for a hilarious bride + bride flower toss with Betty making a cardboard dive for the flowers. They had a special connection I wanted to capture with the warmness of this shot.
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Venue: The Loft at Landis Creek


Angel and Nick had some of my favorite decorations and all around accents on all details. They have the cutest little girl who they also dressed in a matching flower girl outfit with that Great Gatsby vibe. What better place to get a beautiful shot than the venue Angel helped decorate. This shot consisted of me rushing to get to the reception venue, walking in and seeing how gorgeous it was, then immediately running and grabbing Angel and Nick to get this and a few other shots.
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Venue: The Sheraton Valley Forge


I had to include one more shot from Amanda and Lee! This is from their Greek ceremony and I just love how Lee is taking his bride around so proud and happy in the crowning ceremony. This is also a gorgeous church with darker tones which I love.
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Venue: The Downtown Club


Anything for the shot... which includes laying on the rain soaked ground at the end of the night. Some of the inside shots were just as cool! They included some great pictures next to a giant lightning bolt coming from a Tesla coil, a first look inside a grand staircase, a ceremony under the moon and stars, and of course giant Ben Franklin statue hanging out during the reception. One of my favorite venues too!
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Venue: The Franklin Institute


One of my favorite bridal party shots. I really wanted to capture Jen and Chris' laugh here and it looks like their bridal party is just as lively and vibrant. They had such an amazing dynamic as a couple I'm glad I was able to include the bridal party in that.
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Venue: Springfield Country Club


Lauren and Dan had some of my favorite individual portraits. Lauren is practically glowing here. Some days you just get lucky with light and everything just comes out perfect.
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Venue: Talamore Country Club


I managed to find the perfect location to capture Alyssa and Ed who are just a great, easy going couple. What better spot than taking a day's walk around Valley Forge! I'm excited for their wedding so stay tuned.
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One of my favorite candid shots from the year! Amy and Jeff kept things intimate and elegant, so I was dying to get a shot like this since I feel like it captured all of that and them. It was starting to get a little chilly and we were hanging out at the end of portraits. I caught a glimpse of them being cute and swung back around to get this amazing shot. Candid shots are my favorite because it shows the best or purest you and a moment you can come back to anytime you want.
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Venue: The Franklin Hotel at Independence Park