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Why Bridal Boudoir?
Why not! You've just purchased a beautiful, unique and elegant dress. Besides your wedding date, when's the next time you'll wear your dress again? Also, what better way to spend post honeymoon then sharing a stunning, classy boudoir session, with you and your dress for your husband?

Your traditional wedding photos will last a lifetime and are such a wonderfully important investment. Now you can share your intimate side with your husband by showing him the other side of your personality. Contact us now to learn more and book your session.

I'm not a model, I'm shy, I have things that jiggle where they shouldn't:
We rarely photograph models. You need absolutely no training or even practicing in the mirror! Everyone is a model, it just takes a special eye to capture your essence. Even models can take terrible photos if the photographer has no clue with posing and lighting. You can breathe easy knowing your photographs will be your best you!

Everyone has their own unique personality. If your shy, uncomfortable, not confident etc. that's okay. Your putting yourself out there and that takes a lot of courage. I understand and guarantee once you get started and see the first picture and how amazing you look, you'll be gleaming with ideas and be excited to show your husband. It takes years and years to understand how dramatically important lighting is for you, the subject. That's our secret for making you look your best!

I love the idea but I need to know more:
You can give us a call at (484)366-7871 or fill out our Contact Form and you'll get a response back as soon as possible. We'll guide you through the process so you know exactly what you're getting and what you'll be doing.

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